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Aqua Fitness Instructor - Donna Keech

Aqua Fitness


Aqua aerobics and water fitness are types of exercise that take place in a swimming pool. They offer a low-impact way to get in shape, improve cardiovascular health, and tone your muscles.

Aqua aerobics typically involves performing a range of exercises in shallow water, such as jogging, jumping jacks, and other aerobic movements.

These exercises are designed to increase your heart rate and burn calories, while also helping to improve your balance and flexibility.

Water fitness, on the other hand, includes a wider range of activities, such as swimming laps, using water weights or resistance bands, and even practicing Deep Water Aqua Aerobics or Poolates in the water. These activities are generally low-impact and can be tailored to meet the needs of people with different fitness levels and abilities.


Some of the benefits of aqua aerobics and water fitness include:

  • Reduced stress on joints and muscles

  • Improved cardiovascular health

  • Increased muscular endurance and strength

  • Better balance and coordination

  • Reduced risk of injury

  • Improved flexibility and range of motion


If you're interested in trying aqua aerobics or water fitness, you'll need to find both facilities offer suitable classes for the size and deep of each pool. 

Important points

If you wish to join our classes at World Gym you need to be a member of World Gym Bundaberg. Pay a weekly fee to World Gym and come to as many classes with us as you like. If you mention you are from DNA you will receive a special rate.

Kepnock pool will stay seasonal with all your cards and passes still valid next season as per normal. Our Aqua Fitness classes during the warmer months will be at both pools. How they will be split between pools will be down to what classes are suitable for the pool depth and size. As an example DNA Aqua KickFit and Deep Water Aqua will only be at Kepnock Pool due to the depth and length needed to do those types of classes. Any other classes that are also better suited in Kepnock pool will remain. You will also see a return of Council BABA free classes at Kepnock pool next season due to being able to provide space and a private facility for the volume of participants for this program.

You are welcome to just stay coming to the Kepnock pool every season. You can swap over the World Gym Pool in off season. You can go to both pools. It's entirely up to you.

To join classes at Kepnock Pool you need to fill in the participant form. Pay casually or purchase a pass or card. Price includes pool entry. No booking required just come along as per Kepnock pool timetable. No limit to class size due to this pool being suitable for large numbers

For Council class there is no class fee just pool entry fee.

To join classes at World Gym you need to be a member of World Gym Bundaberg. There is the option to pay casually for $20 per class. You will need to book for all World Gym group fitness classes. This can be done yourself or a member of staff can do this for you. You can book classes in advance. I will provide details on how to do this on another post once I've been trained. You can always ask WG staff if you need any assistance or information, they are happy to help. We will start with a limit of 20 participants per class at World Gym Pool but we don't really know until we get there. This number may change.  Check out the DNA Aqua Aerobics facebook page for the lastest information.

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